Jesus Doesn’t Heal – Renowned Pastor Reveals

Prolific Ghanaian actor cum pastor, Majid Michel has asserted that it’s not necessary to call upon God to perform miracles in our lives because he has given us all his powers.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, his colleague actress, friend and movie producer Yvonne Nelson, quizzed him on why it feels like Jesus is no longer healing people.

According to her, she didn’t understand why people always fast and pray for their loved ones and yet in the end, they still lose them. She wondered if it was because Jesus refused to listen to their prayers and provide healing unto the sick.

Majid in response explained that Jesus has already given the power to mankind to heal themselves and make lives easier, and thus it is unnecessary to go running to him again for healing or a better life.

He further stated that man just has to learn how to harnesses their God-given power through the Holy Spirit and use it with the faith and authority Jesus did to heal one another.

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