Jeff Bezos Travels To Space For 11 Minutes; Faces Criticisms From Netizens After He Earned $1.6B Within That Time

World’s Rich Person and Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced his travel to space along with three others this afternoon. The adventure lasted for just 11 minutes. Bezos sometime ago announced that space traveling is something that he has been fantasizing about for a long time.

From left: Mark Bezos, Jeff Bezos, Oliver Daemen (student), Wally Funk. Picture posted by BBC

However, some people are not in agreement with this short adventure. Many people have criticized him for treating his employees harshly and being underpaid. There have been reports indicating how badly Amazon workers are treated. Some express the intense pressure and no-break period they go through every day just to make ends meet at the company; others also complain of working long hours and taking home very low salaries. Meanwhile, Bezos earned $1.6 billion just 11 minutes of visiting space.

According to some people, Bezos has benefited gravely from the input of his employees but treated them terribly. There have been so many complaints about being unable to sit down for a brief break at Amazon packaging halls as an employee.



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