“I Had Triplets, But One Died” – Kiss Daniel Talks About Newly Born Children After Buying Them Houses

Popular Nigerian Singer and Songwriter, Kiss Daniel, who has become a new father of two children has cleared the air that he actually had triplets but one didn’t see the days of sunlight long enough.

(Kiss Daniel and newborn twins)

According to him, his newly born children named, Jamal, Jalil, and Jenali were given birth on the same day but he lost Jamal 4 days after they were born.

However, he is thankful that Jalil and Jelani are still alive and well with him. He also revealed that, just as he promised he’d be a good father to his Jamal’s brothers and give them a good foundation, he has managed to buy them a 2-bedroom luxury house each.

These houses are located at Nike Art Gallery, Leki, in The Woodland Estate.

(New houses for Kiss Daniel’s Children – Documents)

He wrote in the post;

“GOD blessed me with 3 boys a while back 🙏🏽 JAMAL, JALIL and JELANI (triplets). 4 days after i lost JAMAL. Nevertheless, I made a promise to him that I will be the best father in the whole galaxy to his brothers….. Congrats to the latest Homeowners in town , Jelani and Jalil ❤️ My first gift to my sons 🥰 #Okunrinmeta.”

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