With the launch of a new version of iOS, Apple introduces a series of new functions, functions that sometimes take longer than desired by users to be available. A few months ago, Gmail announced that it would introduce the ability to attach files stored in iCloud, a function that is available after the last update.

Although this function may seem absurd, it was not available in Gmail, one of the most widely used email applications worldwide. Outlook, the Microsoft mail application offers us this option practically since the launch of iOS 13.

When it comes to attaching files in Gmail, we have two options:

  • Through the application itself.
  • From the Files app.

Before the release of the latest Gmail update, documents located in iCloud could not be accessed through the files app and it was also not possible to share an iCloud file through the Gmail app.

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Send an iCloud attachment from Gmail

Send an iCloud attachment from Gmail

  • The first thing we should do is open the application and click on the + sign located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Next, we select from which account we want to send it (if we have more than one configured) and click on the clip to attach files.
  • At the bottom, a window will be displayed where we have to specify the source of the data. In this case, click on Attached files.
  • Next, a Files application window will open, where we can navigate to locate the file we want to add.

Send an iCloud attachment from the Files app with Gmail

Send an iCloud attachment from the files app with Gmail

  • Once we open the application Records, we locate the file that we want to share.
  • Then we press lightly on the file until the options menu is shown where we have to select Share. We can also choose to click on the Select option, located in the upper right corner, select the file and click on the Share button located in the lower left corner.
  • Among all the options shown, we must select Gmail so that a Gmail window with the attached file automatically opens and where we only have to write the recipient, subject and the body of the message.
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