Hilaria Baldwin Says Don’t ‘Torture Your Body Into Shape’

Hilaria Baldwin has advised women, most especially her fans to be proud of their body when they experience changes in the period of childbirth. She is a mother of six.

Hilaria Baldwin is sharing the move that “effectively strengthens the muscles from deep inside.”


Instagram / HilariaBaldwin

The mom of 6 kids posted a video of her dancing with Maria Lucia Victoria, 3 months old, as she appeared to do some salsa moves.

“After 5 babies out of my body, 3 chemical pregnancies, 1 miscarriage at 9 weeks, one at 4 months and a round of ivf, resulting in Marilu—my body has gone on quite a journey for the family we have. I have done my fair share of self abuse…but, through much work on my mental health, I’ve learned to be grateful for her and support her. When we grow to love our changing forms—loose skin and all—that we honor our full life’s journey,” she wrote next to the video.


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