Guys Please Help My Cucumber Is Shrinking – Young Man Cries For Help

A young man who is depressed and can’t think straight  took to social media to seek urgent help concerning his genital.

According to him, his dick was 8inch long and fully hard last year but his girlfriend prompted him that is dick was shrinking.

He said, he thought his girlfriend was joking until he noticed it himself that his dick is competing with his little finger.

Read his post below,

I don’t know how to start this article, but I hope you understand me……

I noticed something weird happening to my genital ….my dic was 8inch long(fully hard) last year…… Then this month , my gf said , my dic was shrinking, I thought she was just joking, until I noticed that my dic is competing with my pinky finger…..mehnn I’m depressed, I can’t even think straight this days…. I went to a doctor , he said there’s nothing wrong with my dic…… He said I should be eating fruit “banana, apple, etc”” … because of my dic, I have turned to a vegan ….. but still no improvement , no nothing….. From Johnny sins , I have turned to don jazzy….. guys please is there any “home remedy” i could use to get my hulk thang back…….. Please save a nigga.




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