‘Female Teachers Wear Peruvian And Brazilian Hairs Yet They Are Discriminating Against My Son’-Father of Dreadlocked Student Breaks Silence

Speaking in a new radio interview, the father of Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea said it’s appalling that these female teachers while wearing all these hairstyles alien to the African culture are the ones making ‘noise’ the most as regards the decision of Achimota school not to admit his son on the grounds that he sports dreadlocks.

Sounding very angry, the man whose name we have not ascertained yet said there is no justification in the decision by authorities of the school to reject a very brilliant student and deny him access to Senior High School (SHS) education. He believes the posture of the school’s authorities is very arrogant and condescending.

‘They are putting their personal and religious feeling into the whole thing. Look at all these women, they are wearing wigs…they are wearing all kinds of artificial stuff. They are untidy of the aspect they are saying. I am happy I did not go in there. Look at the attitude of these women who walked past us here… they were very arrogant and condescending,’ he fired.

He further turned his attention to the Ghana Education Service (GES) the GES describing them as a toothless bulldog. What is the importance of the GES if they cannot bring a resolution to this matter?’ he asked threateningly to seek redress in court.

‘I told them I am going to court because if there is no law in this land and the school is above the constitution, let us see what the courts have to say. It is defiance’, he added.


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