“Fallen Breast Is Not As A Results Of Promiscuity”

prophet Kofi Oduro

Yesterday, the controversial man of God, Prophet Kofi Oduro got many talking after stating that ladies with fallen breasts and non-virgins bride-price shouldn’t be more than 200 cedis.

His suggestion angered a lot of ladies on the internet with the strong notion that it’s outright stupidity for bride prices to be given based on breasts and virginity.

According to the leader and founder of Alabaster International Minister, ladies with fresh breast can receive generators, acres of land, or any other valuable things as a bride but not the fallen breast ladies.

Well, Bridget Otoo has joined forces with the other infuriated ladies has jabbed the Prophet Kofi Oduro for his contentious comments.

According to the ace female broadcaster, fallen breast is not as a result of promiscuity as argued by Prophet Kofi Oduro.

She additionally stated in her tweet that, men should stop policing the bodies of women and because they have sisters, wives, and northers in their homes who also have saggy boobs.

“Fallen breast is not as a result of promiscuity. Stop Policing women’s bodies. You have a mother, a sister, a wife, remember that when you open your mouth or pick your phone to post rubbish” She posted.

otoo 1

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