Ex-Sex Pistols Sue Singer Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten in hot waters. Two former members of the Sex Pistols are suing singer Johnny Rotten for the right to use the band’s songs in an upcoming television series about the anarchic punk rock icons.

Steve Jones, a Guitarist, and drummer Paul Cook wish to have the song appear in “pistol” a television series but the idea has been slammed as disrespectful. The television series is based on a memoir of Jones. However, John Lydon is refusing to grant permission for the songs to feature in “pistol”.

Image credit, The Guardian

Lawyer for Steve Jones and Paul Cook has argued that under the terms of a 1998 band agreement, decisions regarding licensing requests could be determined on a “majority rules basis.” Lydon, however, contends that licenses to use the music can’t be granted without his consent.

Edmund Cullen who is the lawyer for Steve Rotten and Paul Cook revealed at the High Court in London on Thursday that the former bandmates have a “brittle and fractious” relationship.

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