Elizabeth Jasso Found: Fake Pregnancy And Other Facts About Elizabeth Jasso

Elizabeth Jasso is an American woman who gained notoriety for faking her pregnancy and disappearance. 

Elizabeth Jasso was reported missing last Thursday, on August 5, 2021, by her mother-in-law, Blanca Gonzalez, after she left her home in Baytown, Texas, to visit her husband’s grave and never returned.

Elizabeth Jasso
Elizabeth Jasso I thesun.co.uk

Elizabeth Jasso also told her mother-in-law that she was due to be induced into labor on the day that she vanished.

However, in the days that followed, Gonzales and her family discovered that Jasso was never actually pregnant.

Jasso, who reportedly can’t even have children, faked her entire pregnancy and even brought ultrasound images online to trick her in-laws.

Elizabeth Jasso is a widow. Her husband, Milko Jasso, 29, was shot dead in February of this year.

Source: abtc.ng

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