“Don’t Use God To Deceive People” – Actress Amanda Ebeye Slams Pastors

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye, has descended on fake pastors who deceive their congregation in the name of God.

Amanda Ebeye

In post-sighted on her status, she complained about how pastors misuse the monies of the church to enrich their own pocket and get themselves expensive things. According to her, as far as tithe and offering are being paid, the pastor becomes accountable to her because it’s not his money. She lambasted them for always saying that money is for God. This is because he doesn’t come down to earth to help them squander it all.

Amanda Ebeye

Amanda added that God did not send these self-acclaimed pastors to spend people’s money, however, she reminded them of the fact that their main work is to provide services to man in the ways of God. Hence, any Ferrari or private jet that is being purchased with the church money should make accountable. This is to make them understand if the vehicle bought is for both the pastor and his people or for the pastor’s own benefit.

See her post below:

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