“Don’t Act Like You Like Me And Talk Sh*t About Me” – BBNaija Star, Laycon Warns

BBNaija star and musician, Laycon, has issued a stern warning to fans and social media who pretend to like him but speaks ill of him to other people.


According to him, he will definitely hear what is being said behind his back. Laycon also urged people to understand the dynamics of life as you don’t need to bring him down to rise. This is because God will never dim his light for haters to shine. He made this known in a post sighted on his Snapchat.


Laycon’s post reads;

“Don’t act like me the talk sh*t about me behind my back. That sh*t will come back to me. You don’t need to put me down to rise… when will you guys understand that that’s not how life works. God will never dim my light for yours to shine sha… This thing is all God so if you think is bad-mouthing… God go show you”.

Read the full post below;

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