DKB Begs Efia Odo Not Remove Her Pants Again


Famous Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney, popularly known as DKB has reacted to Efia Odo’s new ambassadorial deal with Euro Decor.

Recall, Efia Odo and DKB went on each other neck sometime ago after the latter shared that a worker at McDonald’s in the US earns more money than most showbiz players in Ghana.

Her statement irritated several media personalities who felt her utterance was completely unnecessary and didn’t think she was in a position to pass such judgments.

DKB reacted to Efia’s comment and attacked her by calling her a panty remover and nipple shower.

According to him, no company will employ Efia Odo if she keeps removing her pants and showing her nipples like a pon0 audition.

Dkb and efia odo 1

Well, in a new development, the comedian has expressed his happiness for the actress for getting herself a new ambassadorial deal with Euro Decor.

According to the comedian, the actress, and social media personality has finally acted on his advice of dressing decently.

Taking to Instagram, DKB shared a video of Efia Odo as she was set to be unveiled as Brand Ambassador for Euro Decor.

DKB under his post begged Efia Odo not to send us back to her panty remover and nipple shower days again since she is now a brand ambassador.

He wrote;

 “See? advice well taken. Remember I told you to DRESS UP and the corporate deals will flow for you to stop disrespecting Ghana showbiz. You insulted and humiliated me on radio and online terribly but I refused to counter cos I was raised better and I respect women. I’m happy for you, at least your hypocrisy saved you from becoming a KFC worker in America (you dimwittedly said it’s better than Ghana showbiz). We are all happy for you prodigal daughter but please don’t send us back to the PIOTO BONANZA days again.

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