“Delilah In The Building” – Reactions As Cross Shaves Off His Dreads Because Of Saskay

Netizens have reacted after Cross shaved off his dreadlocks after Saskay complained about how messy it looks.

In a discussion with Cross in the sitting room, Saskay complained that Cross’s dreadlocks looked unkept. She if he wants to continue with it, he needs to take care of it and always make sure it looks good.


Few moments after they had this discussion, Cross went to Tega and asked her to shave off his dreadlocks. All the housemates were thrilled by Cross’ decision to take them off however, fans believe Saskay did a great job convincing him to remove the hair.


Reacting to his new looks, fans applauded Saskay for convincing Cross to shave off his dreads as they believe he looks better without the dreadlocks. Others also described Saskay as Delilah, citing the story of Samson and Delilah in the bible.

Watch the video below;

Reactions below;

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