COVID-19: Katie Hopkins Deported From Australia (FULL DETAILS)

British commentator, Katie Hopkins, has been deported from Australia for bragging and flouting hotel quarantine rules.

Katie entered the country to star in the reality TV show, Big Brother Australia. While in the country, she shared a video from her Sydney hotel room joking about putting some frontline staff at risk.

Katie Hopkins
Photo Credit: The Guardian

These comments sparked a lot of reactions on social media as many condemned her for the comments she made. In the video, Katie stated that she planned to lie in wait for the worker to deliver food to her room so she could open the door “naked with no face mask”.

Katie Hopkins also described lockdown as the “greatest hoax in human history”. Sydney and Melbourne, the biggest cities in Australia are both observing a lockdown after local cases of the virus were detected.

The Australian government has confirmed that it had canceled Katie’s visa after the TV program sacked her. She has also been fine at A$1,000 for not wearing a nose mask. Additionally, she was escorted to the airport to be sent back to the UK.

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