Buckingham Palace Investigation Into Meghan Markel Bullying Will Delay

The world is waiting for the verdict of the investigation into the bullying allegations made by Meghan Markle.  The outcome of the investigation is expected to be out this week.

However, many will be left disappointed as the verdict may delay up to next year. Previously, it’s to be released this week and sources have disclosed that it’s impractical.

Image credit, Twitter

The  investigation, is in the services of independent law firm. Sources say the investigation into the bullying against Meghan Markle is still underway at Buckingham Place.

A rep for Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, has disclosed that the result is being delayed.

“The results of the investigation had been expected to be released this week, but it has been delayed,” the source says.

Image credit, Twitter

It is not clear if the verdict will be released to the press or only the provisions to settle the scores will be made available. For now, the verdict date is unknown.

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