Billionaire Kylie Jenner Under Fire For Urging Fans To Donate $60,000 To Friend’s GoFundMe To Undergo Surgery

Billionaire Reality TV star, Kylie Jenner has been slammed by his fans for asking them to help raise $60k for her friend and makeup artist Samuel Rauda’s surgery.

Kylier asked fans to donate to the family for his treatment as he recently got involved in an accident. While the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star herself donated $5000 dollars to the cause, she posted a request for her fans to contribute a sum total of $60,000 for Samuel’s treatment on her IG Stories.

The makeup artist was thrown from a moving vehicle, suffering internal bleeding and eight brain injuries after hitting his head on the pavement. However, fans believe the amount is a chicken change for the young billionaire which she can pay without any stress.

See some of the reactions from fans below;

“She buys her toddler literal diamond rings and Birkin bags yet she won’t fork over 60k for her friend and crucial employee (he’s her make-up artist, Kylie’s whole image depends on make-up artists) what the actual f**k,” one Buzzfeed commenter wrote.

“So Kylie Jenner who apparently earns over $450k A DAY and is a billionaire shared the 60k GoFundMe of her friend who got in an accident for us poor people to donate to? Celebrities are a different breed,” a Twitter user chimed in.

“That’s pocket change for her,” another tweet pointed out.

“This is disgusting. She literally could have paid the entire bill and it wouldn’t have made a dent in her daily income of over 400k,” another Buzzfeed comment read.

“A human who she actually knows on a personal level, who she’s hired and had conversations with, his life means so little to her that she not only donates a measly $5k but asks her fans to donate in a pandemic, while also spending tons on daily luxuries and spoiling her toddler. Talk about soulless.”


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