Ben Youcef: The Life Of Sandra Lee’s Boyfriend

Ben Youcef is an Algerian actor. He was born on February 19, 1979, in Algiers on the Mediterranean Coast, into a family of seven children. After studying in London, Ben worked as a model for major magazines and brands before being cast opposite Christina Aguilera in an International Pepsi commercial.

Youcef transitioned into film work when Steven Spielberg selected him to play Salah in Munich. From there, he went on to work with director Paul Greengrass in The Bourne  Ultimate.

Ben Yousef and Sandra Lee
Photo Credit: Columbia News

Youcef also volunteered with a non-profit Inter-faith Group made up of Muslims, Jews and Christians. His online video of his “Call to Prayer” has gone viral worldwide with over 10 million hits. He was recently asked by Oscar-winning composer, Philip Glass to perform at the Hollywood Bowl before 18000 people in the audience.


How old is Ben Youcef? Youcef was born on February 19, 1979.


Is Ben Youcef a Muslim? Ben Youcef is a devout Muslim and a muezzin, a caller to prayer, and sometimes plays Islamic extremists in movies.


Wife and Relationship with Sandra Lee

Is Ben Yousef married? Who is Ben Yousef’s wife? Ben Yousef is currently dating Sandra Lee. Ben is 13 years younger than Sandra but sources say the pair are taking things slowly but are a good match

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