BBNaija Reunion: Brighto Reveals Why He “Gaz Japa” From Dorathy, The Next Morning After The Bl*wjob

Following yesterday’s BBNaija lockdown reunion where Dorathy admitted that she gave Brighto a blowjob but added that, he ignored her the next morning, Bright has shared the reason.

Dora complained during last night’s reunion that, the next morning after the blowjob night, Bright didn’t say a word to her and acted like it never happened, which she called him a “bastard”, for.

Brighto and Dorathy

Though during the reunion, when Ebuka asked Bright why he didn’t say anything to Dora, he questioned what she had expected him to say to her.

However, Bright taken to his Twitter page this morning to share what happened after Dora’s ‘job’ that got him to stay away.

According to him, Dora’s blowjob left his d!ck swollen the next morning and that is when he decided to keep his distance.

Dorathy and Brighto

She gave me a blow job, and the next morning I had a swollen D*ck, I gaz japa,” he tweeted.

Dorothy isnuet to respond to this claim from Bright.

Find the tweet and video below…


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