BBNaija Reunion 2021: The Moment Vee Encouraged Kaisha To “Feel Free” And Talk Her Truth About Neo

The drama continued on last night’s episode of BBNaija lockdown reunion.

Kaisha came prepared and ready to share all the details on how Neo led her on in the house though he was with Vee.

Kaisha and Neo

It was no secret that Kaisha had a thing for Neo in the house but was keeping her distance because he was with Vee but apparently, Neo was constantly moving to her.

According to Kaisha, Neo gave her several signals that showed he had an interest in her. She shared that, during one of the Saturday parties, they dance and Neo kissed her on the forehead.

While making a revelation about Neo telling her Vee approached him first, Kaisha addressed Vee and said she’s sorry and that she respects her, but Vee was not about to be the reason Kaisha felt some type of way to share all the tea about her encounter with Neo.

Vee and Neo x Kaisha

She, therefore, encouraged Kaisha to “feel free” and say whatever it is that she wants to say.

Neo, who was found wanting, however, denied everything Kaisha said.

Watch the moment below…


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