BBNaija Reunion 2021: Kaisha Reveals, Neo Claimed He Would Have Gone For Her But Vee Approached Him First

Kaisha came with so much information about Neo on the big brother lockdown reunion.

She shared that, though it was obvious she liked Neo but kept her distance because of Vee, he, however, gave her several signs that showed that, he liked her too.

Kaisha and Neo

Kaisha shared that, Neo asked her to kiss him during one of the parties and even had an erection when they danced.

She said, she never approached Neo in any way knowing he was with Vee but Neo was constantly giving her eye, and body signs.

According to Kaisha, Neo had told her that, he dated Vee because she moved to him first but he would have gone for her had that not been the case.

Vee and Neo x Kaisha

Neo, however, denied all the allegations Kaisha leveled against him and denied leading her on or showing interest in her.

Kaisha, however, said she doesn’t have any interest in Neo anymore because she doesn’t like a guy who lies so much or try to play two girls.

Watch the moment below…


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