BBNaija Reunion 2021: “I Had A Feeling Neo Was Attracted To Kaisha” – Vee Admits

Vee has admitted that, while Kaisha made it known that she liked her boyfriend Neo while in the big brother house, she suspected that he also liked Kaisha in return.

On the fourth episode of the reunion, Kaisha spilled some tea about how Neo made several advances at her after knowing she likes him.

Vee x Neo x Kaisha

She shared that, Neo gave her several signals like kissing her on the forehead, asking her to kiss him, and even telling her, the way she stares at him makes him hard.

Though Neo denied moving in on Kaisha, his girlfriend, Vee shared that, she, however, had a feeling he also liked Kaisha back.

Vee and Neo and Kaisha

She said, though Neo didn’t want to tell her about Kaisha liking him, she, however, came to realize that, her boyfriend was also attracted to Kaisha.

But Vee also shared that, she had a feeling Neo was attracted to her friend, Nengi, as well but she had no issues with that because knew “it was not that deep.”

Watch video below….


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