BBNAIJA: Nina Ivy’s husband Shows Support For Her Recent Butt Enhancement

BBNaija 2018 star, Nina Ivy, was in the news earlier after she became the latest female celebrity to undergo cosmetic surgery for her booty.

Although most people took to social media to slam and criticize the reality star, her husband, on the other hand, has shown that he is in full support of Nina’s recent surgery.

Taking to his Snapchat handle, Nina Ivy’s husband posted;

According to reports, Nina Ivy had her surgery in Miami a few days ago and is currently recovering. She is said to have done a Brazilian butt lift.

Following the backlash that the reality TV star had received after she revealed she had undergone cosmetic surgery, she took to social media via her Instastories to described those attacking her as ”Hypocrites”.

She wrote;

“Alot of you are hypocrites, most of you be suffering depression coz you don’t want your current body and no money for surgery, coz you cant afford one. So all you gotta do is sit and judge. Sis I got my body done, I took out my fat and put it were I need it more and damn this my new body is killing. I did it for me and not for any of you…”


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