BBNaija: Khloe Calls Out Her Abusive In-law For Molesting A 14-Year Old Girl

The former housemate of BBNiaja,  Abiri Oluwabusayomi, also known publicly as Khloe has descended on her father-in-law over alleged abuse and assaults.


In a post she shared on her microblogging platform, Twitter, she called out her in-law with a threat to report himself to the Nigeria police for maltreating his wife and severely molesting her a 14-year-old girl. Khloe seems to be very close to her mother-in-law as she fights for her family’s safety. She recounted how her mother-in-law runs to her after her abusive father-in-law threatened to kill her.


The reality TV star gave him 24 hours to report himself to the police or she takes it upon herself to get him arrested and to save his family.

Her post reads:

“Dear MR Mario, I’m giving you 24 hours to report yourself at the station or we will do it the dirty way.
First, of all, NOBODY/NO HUMAN born of a woman threatens my FAMILY..
I don’t want to call you the name they call people that do what you are ACCUSED of yet but cannot get away with this I promise you.
only you beat your wife, only you allegedly molested her kid sis who is just 14years old knowing quite well that she is traumatized from the incident.. “I know how many times your wife comes here crying with her baby and stay for a while cos you wanted to kill her …
God ll make your life a living hell because you don’t deserve peace, sir.”

In another post on Twitter, she wrote:

“so I ll let @nigeriapoliceforce do the needful ….
And be back in 24hours.

@ablegod90 just go and report yourself cos that little child will get justice 👌

Justice Must be served 😡


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