BBNaija: “I Am Not A Property” – Peace Tells Sammie After He Told Her He Wants Her To Be His

Sammie has diverted his interest from Angel to Peace as he made his intentions known to her during a conversation last night.

Sammie went over to Angel, who was in bed, to have a conversation with her and decided to shoot his shot, to ask her to be his.


He first said to Peace, “I want you”, to which she responded with a “thank you,’ but Sammy responded back saying “thank you” is not what he wants, and that he wants her to be his.

Peace, however, didn’t seem pleased with the way Sammy shoot his shot and asked him if she was a property for him to want her to be his. She, therefore, told him that, if he wants something to be his, he should go buy it.

Sammie and Peace

Peace, however, asked him about his relationship with Angel which he claimed, whatever was between them was not a ship and that, they were just good friends who vibed.

Watch the moment below…

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