BBNaija 2021: Whitemoney Tells Maria Her Nominations Were Fair (VIDEO)

Whitemoney has told Maria that her bottom six (6) nominations for this week’s ‘eviction’ are not biased. According to him, Maria’s choices were smart because even the people knew they were least loved by the head of the house.

Maria and Whitemoney

This conversation happened as a result of Maria resorting to Whitemoney for comfort after she broke down in tears while talking about the ‘eviction.’ Maria also revealed that she had a criterion she selected the six (6) people from so it was kind of fixed. As an effort to comfort her, Whitemoney said that if it was only two people she was asked to select then it wouldn’t have been backed by emotions, but six (6) people are quite too many to feel they were being targeted.

The six nominated housemates were called by Biggie in the diary room to answer a few questions. JMK broke down in tears as she shares that she doesn’t want to go home now. It has to be known that, tonight’s ‘eviction’ is entirely fake; a hoax to frighten the housemates. Therefore, this week is eviction-free.


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