BBNaija 2021: Watch KayVee Lie In Bed With Angel As They Discuss Her Fight With Sammie

New male housemate, Kayvee, has obviously taken Sammie’s spot as Angel’s ‘person’ since the previous night’s truth and dare games.

Kayvee and Angel

Kayvee has been seen in bed with Angel as the two enjoy a cozy time together while discussing what happened between Sammie and Angel the other time. A few days ago, there was a massive exchange of words in the house after a disagreement between Sammie and Angel escalated. The source of this was as a result of Angel kissing the new guy, Kayvee, which arose the jealousy of Sammie to retaliate heavily.

Now that Angel has made it clear to Sammie that they have nothing in common, she can be with anyone she prefers. Just a while ago, she was seen with Kayvee in bed addressing her fight with Sammie. Kayvee said that it was never his intention to create a misunderstanding between her and Sammie. He apologized and expressed how bad he felt after the incident. He caressed Angel in his arms as she rests on his chest. He spoke calmly to her and showed no sign of violence whatsoever. Some social media users have commended Kayvee for treating Angel warmly.


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