BBNaija 2021: Social Media Users Attack Sammie For Saying He Didn’t Like Angel’s Behavior At Last Night’s Truth Or Dare Games

Social media users, especially those on Instagram have sent out harsh words and insults to Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, Sammie, after he expressed his displeasure in Angel’s behavior at yesterday’s truth or dare game.

Angel and Sammie

Angel’s behavior was absolutely wild, so it threw many people off their feet as they weren’t expecting something like that. She kissed Saga and grabbed Pere’s manhood for a few seconds.

Sammie, who seems to had been interested in Angel has expressed how he felt after what went on last night. According to the complaints he made, Angel’s behavior was uncalled for and that broke his heart in a way.

Social media users upon seeing this also retorted upfront. Some disclosed that, since Sammie had allegedly shown interest in Peace early on, he stands no chance of trying to move to Angel.

Angel’s role in last night’s truth or dare was one to applaud. Without a shred of shyness, she really played out her part well to make sure the show becomes less boring as they had been warned earlier.


Sammie and Angel social media reactions (screenshot)


Sammie and Angel social media reactions (screenshot)


Sammie and Angel social media reactions (screenshot)



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