BBNaija 2021: Pere Explains Why He Has Not Volunteered To Cook Despite Not Liking Whitemoney’s Cooking Strategy

Pere has shared his reason for not taking over the kitchen to cook despite not liking the idea of Whitemoney’s cooking “strategy.”

Though he claims to be a ‘good cook’, according to Pere, he might have issues with the housemates as he is very aggressive about things and they might take that as him being a mean or rude.


He shared this with Maria whiles he was sharing his concern about Whitemoney’s cooking ‘strategy’, and she asked him why he has not volunter or made the initiative to cook, after he told her, he can cook.

Pere seems to believe Whitemoney deciding to be the house cook is his strategy to creat a “you all will need me”, mindset to manipulate the housemates. According to him, it is “not logical” for one person to cook for the house throughout.

Pere and Whitemoney

Though Whitemoney has said the cooking is not his strategy for the game, Pere seems to believe otherwise as he told Maria, he figured Whitemoney’s play right from the beggining.


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