BBNaija 2021: Pere Confesses His Regret In Choosing Maria As His Deputy; Says He Should’ve Picked One Of The New Girls

Head of the house for this week’s Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eyes edition, Pere, has expressed his regret in picking his own favorite girl, Maria as his deputy after being appointed as the head.

Pere and Maria

Pere made this confession to Boma and Cross who were discussing issues about the women in the house. According to Pere, he didn’t know Maria would be so difficult to ride along with, so he didn’t hesitate when he was asked to choose a deputy for his role. He added that, if he had known earlier, he would’ve picked one of the new girls, either Queen or JMK to share the HOH room with. However, he also doubted if he could play along freely with them since they had just arrived in the house.

Boma and Cross ridiculed him for choosing Maria who is not giving him the chance to do what he intends to do.

Pere hasn’t had his way with Maria yet, even after they had been put in one room alone. The last time Pere tried doing something extra with her nearly warranted a slap. This has made him disappointed in picking her as his side mate.


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