BBNaija 2021: Jackie B’s Handler Talks About Her Friendship With Angel; The Issue Of Loyalty Comes To Play

Jackie B’s social media handler has made a few comments about Jackie’s friendship with Angel in the Shine Ya Eyes edition of the Big Brother Naija reality tv show.

Angel and Jackie B

An unofficial statement made by the page pointed out a few setbacks Jackie has had with Angel so far in the competition. According to the post, Angel is putting up a behavior towards Jackie that she’d obviously not be okay with if Jackie should do the same. They expressed that, there’s a lack of mutual respect between the two.

They also made mention of the fact that some people are being bitter towards Jackie online because they think she is not being fair to Angel in their friendship; adding that they are blaming Jackie for reacting differently and clearly ignoring all the bad things Angel has been doing to her. They went on to make reference to the real meaning of friendship and asked those who lack knowledge about it to go search for its real meaning on the internet.

The Jackie-Angel feud started as a result of Angel ‘snatching’ Michael from Jackie. It became an issue of loyalty because Jackie had already disclosed her feelings for Michael to Angel but Angel still went ahead to flirt with him.


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