BBNaija 2021: “Is This Your Father’s House?” – Boma And Maria Exchange Words Last Night After She Complained About His Noise (Video)

Maria and Boma got into it last night after she complained about him making noise whiles they sleep.

Boma was in Angel’s bed, which is also the room where Maria is and he was talking and giggling with Angle though the lights were off with the housemates trying to get into sleep.


Maria, who felt unable to sleep from their little noises, confronted Boma and asked him to take Angel to his room if they are going to be making noise whiles they were trying to sleep. Boma however responded by telling Mara that she didn’t bring a room to the show and it was not her father’s house so she should close her eyes and sleep or close her ears if she feels they are making noise.


The two went back and forth exchanging words as they both try to make a point.

Meanwhile, they were both Head of house and Deputy just last week which is why many think Maria is setting off on everyone because she was nominated for eviction.

Watch the moment below..

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