BBNaija 2021: “I Don’t Give A Sh*t” – Pere Reacts After Maria Told Him She’s In A Relationship (Video)

Maria and Pere, who have been going back and forth on their feelings for each other, yet again had another conversation today about whatever is going on between them.

While they were preparing for their Tecno task this afternoon, the two decided to use their rehearsal time to talk about themselves with Pere once again, asking for the Peria ship to sail, and once again, Maria made it known that she was not interested.

Maria and Pere

Though she has not spoken of having a boyfriend outside the house, Maria claimed she doesn’t want to have any ship with Pere because she is already in a relationship but determined Pere, insisted that he doesn’t “give a sh*t” about it.

Maria and Pere

Maria, however, responded saying she gives a sh*t and doesn’t cheat, but, Pere then again, said he doesn’t care and told Maria she doesn’t want to see another side of him.

Despite always saying she doesn’t want a relationship with Pere, Maria, however, seem to always have a problem with him getting too close to another lady in the house, and Pere sometimes claim he is done with her. Fans seem to believe they both don’t know what they want.

Watch the conversation below….



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