BBNaija 2021: “I Can Easily F*ck Angel But, She Will Get Attached” – Michael Claims

Michael has claimed that, if he wants to have sex with Angel in the house, he easily can however, he doesn’t want to as he seems to believe if it happens, Angel won’t let go

Michael shared this with Maria and Pere last night after the jacuzzi party, whiles they were having a conversation.


According to Michael, he knows Angel is a freak, but, he is also a freak too and if any s*xual encounter happens between them he will “f*ck the shit out of her”, and she will like it so much that she can’t stay away from him, but he doesn’t want any attachment.

He seems to believe that, Angel will not just see him and pass and act as nothing happened between and since it’s not like they won’t see each other again afterward or he can just walk out of the door, he doesn’t want any awkward situation between them.

Michael x Angel

He also added that another reason he is not moving in on Angel is that he likes Jackie more than Angel. Though since after their confrontation last Saturday, where Jackie accused him of flirting with Angel, they both have stayed away from each other and not even on talking terms.

Watch the conversation below….


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