BBNaija 2021: “I Am Only Kissing The Guys I Want To F*ck” – Angel Tells Jaypaul

BBNaija housemate, Angel, has revealed that all the guys she kisses in the house are guys she sees as potential s*x mates.

She shared that, she kisses the guys she likes and would like to fuck in order to test the waters with them to see what they’ve got and what they can do so she can properly decide if she wants to go ahead and knack him.

Angel kisses Sammie

Angel shared this with Jaypaul whiles they were having a friendly conversation after their jacuzzi party last night.

Jaypaul, who seems to think her kissing every guy just to test the waters is a bad idea advised her to stop as he believes she will get addicted.

Angel Kisses Kayvee

It’s been four weeks since the show started and Angel has so far kissed about six guys in the house. She has kissed Sammie, Boma, Saga, Michael, Yousef, and exited housemate, Kayvee, on the first day he arrived in the house.

However, as far as viewers know, she has not had any sexual encounter with any of them, yet.

Watch the conversation below…

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