BBNaija 2021: Fans Hit Hard On Liquorose For Saying Angel Wears Revealing Outfit To Attract Men

Netizens have expressed their displeasure about some comments Liquorose made about Angel when she was addressing the way she dresses in the house.


According to her, Angel walks around the house half-naked every day just to gain the attention of the male housemates in the house. Liquorose this known during a discussion with male housemates when she heard she and Beatrice gossiping about other people.

Liquorose said;

“Nobody talks about Angel even though she walks around half n*ked every day because she be human being. I understand she is 21 years but we know she dresses like that to attract the boys in the house”.


Liquorose made these utterances because she was angry at Angel and Beatrice for discussing her and Emmanuel’s situationship behind her back.

Here are some comments from Twitter;

Lonewolf says “If Liquorose slut-shamed Angel then I’m very disappointed. I honestly don’t care what was said, you never slut-shame anyone period.”

@Kennyluv “That isn’t slut-shaming but the truth she does walks naked so there’s no lie in there.”

@Achalugo “Why did Liquorose not confront Angel and Beatrice immediately, and if she felt she couldn’t and then went to talk about it with the guys, why the slut-shaming. She could have made her point without that, even though I know she was angry and probably hurt.”

@El_Faruqq “Slut-shaming would have to be when you actually slut-shame, not when you are stating the obvious, who doesn’t know she loves to parade herself naked in the name of body positivity or whatever the f they call it? For the umpteenth time, leave Liquorose alone.”

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