BBNaija 2021: Fanbase Names Of All The 22 Housemates

As the new season of Big Brother Naija reality TV show has begun, new fan bases for the housemates are expected to be created.

Fans of the housemates would like to be identified by a name and the fans of this Shine Ya Eye season housemates, have already created names for themselves.

From Marians, to Amazons, RoseArmy, Moneygang, and Crossnation, here are the fanbase names of all twenty-two housemates.


As being a hustler and chasing the money is his main aim, fans of Whitemoney prefered to be known as the ‘Money gang.’



Fans of Liquorose are known as Lions or Rose Army. They have two names because fans were not happy with Lions, which was the name her team chose. So they made another poll for the fans to chose their own fandom name, though they still use the ‘Lions.’


After making a poll between the names ‘Marudites, Marians and Marvel, fans of Maria, seem to prefer to be called ‘Marians” as it had the highest vote.



Because she is a Taxi driver, fans of Princess have decided to call themselves the ‘Riders Nation.’



Fans of Emmanuel are known as the Emirates. Fans were made to vote for the names, Panther, Emirates, Saints and Knights and Emirates had the highest number of votes.



Fans of the model and actor, are known as the Bravehearts as they believe, a brave heart is a force that can’t be reckoned with and they do not cower in the face of fear.



Fans of Niyi are known as “The Niles.” They believe the name represents passion and champions. They are the ‘passionate champions.’



Peace’s fan base is called the ‘Acegang.’ It was chosen by her team and the fans seemed to love it.



Archangels‘ is the name of Angels’ fanbase, which is obviously derived from her name.



Pere’s fandoms are known as ‘Patriots.’ The name was made up by his team.



Yousef BBN 2021

Yunikstars, is the name of housemate, Yousef’s, fanbase, which is meant to mean, ‘Unique Stars.’


Jackie B

Fans of Jackie B are known as the ‘Jaguars.‘ According to them, they chose this name because Jaguars are strategic, precise, graceful, and extremely strong, which represents, Jackie.



Saga’s fandom is called, ‘Sagang.’ As in, the gangs of Saga. His team seems to have already decided the name, as they started using it as soon as he got into the house.




The fanbase of Saskay is known as the ‘Sasforce‘. Obviously a shortened form of Saskay’s force. According to her team, they settled on the name based on the feedback from fans.



Cross’s team came up with a fanbase name a few days ago and they decided that, his fandom is a nation, therefore, his fanbase is ‘Cross Nation‘, with the foundations of Love, Happiness, and Cruise.



Beatrice’s fans are known as the ‘Beacons.’ The name seems to have already been decided before she went to the house.



With Yerns being a Polymath, they have decided to call his fan base, the ‘Polymaths’, to represent his knowledge.



The fans of Jaypaul are known as ‘The Flamez‘, which was picked from his nicky, ‘Mr. Flames.’



Fans made several suggestions of the name they would like to be identified with as NIini’s fans and they settled on Ninisters.



Sammie BBNaija Season 6

Smmie’s fans voted between ‘Samurais and ‘SArmy‘ and they seemed to have liked the latter better. His fanbase is therefore called, ‘SArmy.




Amazons‘, is the name of Arin’s fanbase as they believe it represents trailblazers and  “rare breed that stands out anywhere they go” and ultimately have a heart of gold.



Fans of Tega are called, the ‘Tegans.’ They believe to be a tribe. The name was created by her team and her fans seem to love it.


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