BBNaija 2021: Couples Already? Watch Saga Give Nini A Lovely Massage

It seems the pairing in the house has started already. Yesterday, we saw Angel and Sammie having a good time as they clung to each other in bed on a cozy night. Today, Nini and Saga are taking theirs to another level.

Saga and Nini BBNaija Season 6

Saga was captured on camera happily massage Nini’s back while she sits comfortably in a chair. Nini who seems to have been enjoying it was having a conversation with Saga along the line as he performs the duties of a masseur. The two spoke about women who have deep voices; where Nini expressed that she admires such women while Saga, on the other hand, refers to them as people who are usually singers.

As someone who is a fitness coach, it’s not too much of a surprise that 28-year-old Saga really knows how to massage. He once said that his nickname is ‘Woman Wrapper,’ therefore, he can really handle women very well. That explains why Nini was filled with joy in his hands.


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