BBNaija 2021: Angel’s Father Slams Maria Over Her “Boys Will Be Boys” Comment Against Angel

Father to Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Angel, has reacted to a comment made by her fellow housemate, Maria, about her flirtatious attitude with boys in the house.

When asked for her opinion on Angel’s relationship with the male housemates during her diary session on Wednesday, Maria had complaiined that Angel is way too flirtatious and has no boundaries as she flirts with even guys she knows have a thing with other ladies in the house.

Angel x Maria

Big brother, who rather believes the boys should be held accountable, defended Angel saying, the boys should rather respect their partners and define their boundaries. To which Maria responded by saying “boys will be boys” but biggie counted saying then, Angel will also be Angel.

Angel’s father, who is the handler of her Instagram page, did not take Maria’s statement likely and reacted, criticizing her comment saying, society should learn to hold men accountable for their actions.


According to him, women should be free with their bodies without making them look cheap and not be judged or slut-shamed as being easily accessible because of what they wear wears or how she’s liberal with her body.

“…It’s important that men are held accountable for their actions the way we hold women also, isn’t that what equality stands for? To excuse grave mistakes with the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ has to stop.“, he wrote.

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