BBNaija 2021: Angel Mentions Queen As Someone To Replace Her If Asked To Save Herself From Eviction; She Gives Reason

Head of house, Maria, was tasked by Big Brother to nominate six housemates for a prank eviction on Sunday.

Maria made the nomination today, a few hours to the live eviction and she named JMK, Angel, Pere, Yousef, Jaypaul, and Emmanuel.

The housemates were left shocked after the nominations, especially with Pere among them. They all went quiet and couldn’t talk for some minutes.

During their diary session soon after the nominations, the nominated housemates were asked who they would replace to save themselves from eviction and Angel named Queen.


Though she initially said she didn’t know who she will choose, she later mentioned Queen after big brother insisted and explained that, it will be because she hasn’t gotten along with her yet.

Thinking she was going to be evicted, Angel thanked big brother for accommodating and feeding her in the house and said she was grateful for everything.

She said, she doesn’t have good communication skills so the show gave her an opportunity.

Thank you for feeding me and accommodating me in this house, it was fun, I enjoyed the task, the drama, every little intriguing detail … fucken vibes… If I move today, everything was awesome“, she said.

Grateful for the team right from the beginning and unforgetful end. On the outside, I don’t have good communication skills, this gave me the opportunity, so thank you.” she added.

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