Actress Lizzy Anjorin Appreciates Her Husband, Lateef Lawal, And Mother Over Life Criticisms

Nigerian actress, Lizzy Anjorin, has recounted the challenges she faced after she had her daughter in her first relationship.

Lizzy Anjorin

According to the lover of LateefLawal, she has been through a lot in raising her first child who is now 23 years old. Lizzy appreciated her mum for taking some responsibilities in raising her daughter. She expressed much gratitude to her mum for giving her the chance to further her education.

Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin however, showered appreciation to her husband, Lateef Lawal, for understanding and ignoring all criticisms that aroused amid their marriage.

She said:

My first child is 23 years old, and I can’t begin to say what I went through. All I can say is that poverty did not allow me to care for and stay with my child.  If my mother did not take the responsibility of raising my child, I would not have been able to go to school or pursue other things.

Some women end up on the street because of some of the decisions they make. I care about children deeply and I am so thankful that my husband was supportive all through my pregnancy. He remained unshaken even with all the reports that had earlier made the rounds about him. ”

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