A Strong Woman Is The One Who Cries And Shed Tears

Former BBNaija housemate, Ka3na, has opened up on why was so emotional and burst into tears while she was explaining her relationship with Lucy outside the house.

Ka3na Jones

Ka3na also disclosed that she ended her friendship with Lucy because she felt Lucy was not being loyal and committed to her as she was friends with some housemates she was not cool with in the house.

While explaining herself, she burst into tears and walked out of the show to calm her nerves. Lucy on the other hand mentioned that she had no idea Ka3na had a beef with some housemates.

Ka3na Jones

Reacting to this, Ka3na took to her Twitter page and wrote, “A Strong Woman Is NOT The One Who Doesn’t Cry…A Strong Woman Is The One Who Cries And Sheds Tears For A Moment, Then Gets Up And Fight Again. Chronicle Of Life”.

See the post below;

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