Woman orders stunning 6ft Xmas tree online – but what arrives leaves her howling

Buying things online always has one distinct downside – what arrives sometimes may not look exactly as it should do in pictures.

And that’s what TikToker Lily found out when she bought what she thought was the perfect Christmas tree.

The Aussie bought the festive tree from Kmart, which was advertised as a “6ft Columbia Pine Christmas Tree” and cost $10 (£5.30).

Granted it wasn’t the most expensive of trees but it’s fair to say the image shown on the box was absolutely nothing like the real thing.

“@Kmart Australia, you have some explaining to do,” she said in the caption to the video as she revealed the product they had shipped to her.

Instead of being luscious as she thought it would, the tree barely had any branches and looked sparser the further down you looked.

The video has since been seen more than 3 million times and has attracted a mixed reaction from viewers.

One laughed it looked like “seaweed” but others said Lily simply needed to fluff out the tree.

In a follow up video, she did just that but complained the item still “looked sad”.

But, eventually, Lily was able to make it work by enlisting a friend’s help and decorating the tree.

She managed to cover the artificial tree with baubles and tinsel which did the job.

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